01 December, 2012


Saint Nick has a new meaning

19 November, 2012

Fight On!

And I am in the precarious situation of supporting my old friends at Conquest Chronicles! Please destroy the Domers!

25 October, 2011

Cool Video

It is cranking up

23 October, 2011

And it's on

Since returning from a 3 1/2 year stint in Iraq, I have thoroughly enjoyed this LSU season, as it has been a pleasure since returning, among many trials and tribulations once back home. Back in September, after the West Virginia game, I circled November 5th. Now, that date is 2 weeks away, and many like me across the country are going to be scouring news, any news, for the next two weeks for affirmation that their team is going to win. Yes, we will be glued to the next two weeks of Les Miles' press conferences, to get any clue if any of the 3 will be back, or even if more of the players will be disciplined for some boneheaded screw up. We will look for any chips in the stone of He Who I Will Not Name's countenance, and analyze any body language, etc. to see if there is doubt or fear. The Chief will perhaps run 3 offenses at his defense, and Bama defensive backs may want to have standing appointments with counselors after practice to maintain their fragile psyches. The next 2 weeks, there will be no homework assignments in classes that have any importance. The Honey Badger will give a S&*^.

22 August, 2011

Por que'?

Seems like the folks here need a boost.

26 June, 2011

A new day

Hello folks - A long time since I have been around. About 3 1/2 years. Now back home, and catching back up. Snarkiness is setting in, and having to come around to the fact that I may get to watch games in realtime! And not have to wait for the ESPN gametime clock to catch up to a time zone 8 hours away, where broadband can go out at a moment's notice.

06 December, 2009

Hello Hello Hello

Well, Papa is thinking long and hard about coming back home once and for all. I miss live college football, and bitching about Les Miles in realtime is also missed. I want to tailgate, and eat pork! Drop me some lines, folks!