30 December, 2005

The Pool Table part II

Here it is - I need to add pieces that will store the rack and balls, but the kids love it.

20 December, 2005

My new Pool Table

Well, my son did the most wonderful thing the other night. The kids wanted a pool table for Christmas, and the wife wanted to get a <$200 one from a local sporting goods store. I indicated my dismay, as I thought it would last for a whole 5 days. My son then piped up "Why don''t we build one?" I could have kissed him. Well, actually, I did, but it was not a "Brokeback Mountain" kind of thing. We've downloaded the plans for one at www.pooltableplans.com. They reference some items such as the rails from one supplier, but I found better & cheaper, along with leather pockets at www.pooldawg.com. Shipping was quick and easy too. The felt can be bought from suppliers on www.Ebay.com, or the plans suggest using canvas duck material. I'll try some plain felt and see what that does.

Here is a picture of the last project I built, a desk, with simulated elephant hide on top, with lacewood skirt, and cherry legs. The "Wine Spectator" magazine is just for show. I am not a wine snob.

06 December, 2005