30 November, 2006

Bill Curry gets nostalgic for a dig at the Capstone

In this link about continuity of coaching, Bill Curry seems to be twisting the tail of the Tide faithful, who left him out in the cold when he didn't deliver a large trophy. Bill, no sour grapes, huh

29 November, 2006

LSU to Rose Bowl?

Bolw fever is at a high pitch now, with LSU being high on the 'Hogs after their win last Friday. It now looks as though the prognosticators may select LSU to go to the Rose Bowl, where their competition for that slot is Notre Dame, should USC defeat UCLA this weekend. Bowl Selection is Sunday, December 3rd. Here is a reaction to the Tigers potentially going.

Tigers to Rose Bowl

27 November, 2006

Maisel and Mandel are at it again

Ivan Maisel is at it again. His bowl projections expect Florida to lose to the Razorbacks in the SEC Championship game, and drop down to playing in the Orange Bowl. The Razorbacks would then go into the Rose Bowl against Michigan. Fooey.

Likewise for Stewart Mandel at cnnsi.com. Here are his bowl projections.

07 November, 2006

Football Weekend - Fulmer scores Fulmer Cup Points

Our friend Phat Phil is trying not to score points in his own cup's name, so anointed by Orson & Stranko at EverydayShouldBeSaturday. ESPN has picked up the story about the suspensions of several players for "arrests for disorderly conduct and underage drinking at a nightclub after the Vols' loss to LSU."

The full story can be reached here:


O&S, how many Fulmer Cup points do they get for an in-season screwup? And how do the Tennessee players look in orange without the padding?

02 November, 2006

15 best skylines

The link below shows the 15 most notable skylines, none of which are in Florida or Georgia. I think Stone Mountain should qualify on its own. However, the real interesting thing is that of the 15, 12 have been seen in person by my children. They now really want to see New York, and Dubai.


01 November, 2006

The Things I do for Blogging

TOday I saw the online blog poll at MGOBLOG and decided I wanted to join. So here, I'll write about college football.

Guys already flushed
John Bunting
John L. Smith

Guys getting ready to be squeezed thru the sphincter:
Larry Coker
The dumbass at Kentucky