29 October, 2006

The Wind and my son

What a wonderful opportunity yesterday. We got to see "The Wind in the Willows". This was put on by a high school cast. It was great. However, I am excited about the word I am hearing that my son is interested in the lead in the play. Not the lead role, but the girl who is playing Toad. Nice girl. He's now interested in frog legs.

What would you do?

Lately, as my daughter is blossoming before my eyes into a young lady that boys are talking to, I am reminded of a short story I read many years ago, "The Lady or the Tiger". In the story, it harkened back to ancient Rome, and its' form of justice, where a man's guilt or innocence was decided by opening one of two doors. Behind one of the doors was a beautiful lady, whereby he was found innocent, and lived a life of ease and happiness. Behind the other door was a tiger - sentence pronounced, execution carried out immediately.

What does this make me think of related to my daughter? Well, my carpooler & I have mused over his daughter applying for a job at Hooters. Now, this is a moment: your daughter tells you she's got a job.

Then she tells you it is at Hooters.

Now what goes through your mind? Either a) I've got a daughter that's hot enough to work at Hooters, or b) My hot daughter is working at Hooters, and Al Bundy types are going to be ogling her?

I have not ventured to think what my response is. I wonder what the father of Jenn Sterger is going through right now. Poor man.


21 October, 2006

Original Smack

OK, in my own weird way I'm in my usual routine, opening my good book for my daily inspiration before the day gets going good, and I turn randomly to the story of David & Goliath. David is at first given the armor of Saul, but removes it, and goes down to do battle with Goliath. Goliath says he'll take David's flesh and feed it to the fowls of the air. David responds back that he'll take him out, and cut off his head.

The rest, is history. David scores the first upset special recorded. What's the moral: Never underestimate your opponent, and beware of the smack you talk.

Maybe this message needs to go to the University of Miami.

20 October, 2006

Greetings from Norway

Here I am in Norway, and soon to be in Germany. Weather here is cool. It sucks to have to be in Germany in the middle of October. But, I won't be able to watch American football, more likely something like Chelsea vs. Barcelona, or Arsenal vs. Man U.

But it's a job. Hopefully LSU will run up points on Fresno State like they're playing pinball.

13 October, 2006

The mad fan

Good one from Tommy Sylvest.

05 October, 2006

What is the forty?

40 days Goliath of Gath presented himself to the Israelites. 40 days and 40 nights it rained during the great flood. Lent is 40 days. 40 is a pure number. ?

Here's to the Gators pt II

As if the Tigers needed any other motivation, UF has scheduled them for Homecoming. And Jenn Sterger is acting as the Queen! Utter stupidity.

Props to Tom Sylvest for his artwork.

02 October, 2006

The best use for Alligators

In honor of LSU's game against Florida this week, at The Swamp, and in honor of Orson & Stranko, here is the best use for an alligator.