17 January, 2007

What could have happened?

Scientists report today that a female chimpanzee near Shreveport has given birth, despite all of her companions supposedly being sterilized. At first thought, I wondered if this had anything to do with the Independence Bowl, and the Alabama fans, as well as the Oklahoma State posse. But then, I looked up the gestation period of a chimp. 9 months, almost like a human. I wonder what could have happened last March or April in Shreveport? Was there a poker tournament going on, and the loser been forced to satisfy the chimp?

08 January, 2007

The Fourth Quarter

Gators 34 Buckeyes 14

20 points needed to force overtime, 21 to take it all.

10:23 Jarvis F'n Moss drills Troy Smith. Did his eyes light up?

10:27 Leak breaks a nice run just after they tell about 3 systems in 4 years. Announcers indicate that Leak will be the best known Florida QB, as he'll get the love now.

10:30 And Tebow runs his patented QB draw or a big gain, making him the leading rusher for the game.

10:32 A shot of a kid who looks like his dog just got killed. When in fact, it's his Buckeyes getting killed.

10:36 Brandon Siler on how he wants to be showered in confetti like Vince Young. Now Tebow scores - but a flag! No problem. Florida 41 OSU 14. Kind of like, oh, the Sugar Bowl!

10:40 With those clips, does Jarvis Moss get the MVP award? 84 yards for tOSU versus over 400 average for the season!

10:45 Thom Brenneman invokes the combo basketball-football national champions, and tells of Urban's neighbor Billy Donovan. Smith gets taken down again - and the Gator Defense is jumping around on fresh legs. tOSU needs to mail it in now.

10:48 Emmit Smith shown doing the chomp. Charlie asks if the Gators are winning everything, including Dancing with the Stars! Problems may abound since it is not a Fox show.

10:50 Brandon Siler showing off the Unity Chain for the defense, after Deshawn Wynn continues to eat the clock away.

10:55 It's done for. Time to have Leak do the curtain call. Especially after Meyer gets doused with the Gatorade.

10:57 Last Snap: Leak throws the ball into the stands; embraces Troy Smith. Now the confetti falls.

The beginning of Q3

9:41 Halftime is not over, and Orson must be absolutely sick. The Pontiac Game changing performance of the year was the AUburn- Florida game where the punt was blocked, and the Gators lost.

9:44 Gators sluggish; OSU looks fired up. Marcus Freeman makes a heart stopping stop on 3rd down for tOSU.

9:46 What the hell was that kind of kick? This isn't the All-Blacks playing?

9:48 Earl Everett tees off on Smith when they finally go into the 4 wide set. No helmet = badass.

10:02 Just explained the reasons we cheer for SEC teams to my older daughter. Had to bribe her with Bobbi Brown purchase. Barry Alvarez explaining why Florida defense is looking good, and OSU looking bad.

10:04 Brian Smith breaks up a pass, and makes Troy Smith nervous. Thom Brenneman is calling the death knell for the Buckeyes if they don't score soon.

10:08 Gators first & 10; Deshawn Wynn breaks it out over a Buckeye.

10:12 Gators have 3rd and 7. Announcers make pitch for potential Gator recruits, telling everyone what a playmaker Percy Harvin is, and he's only a freshman. If that's not throwing the gauntlet down, I'm not sure what is.

10:16 Leak to Percy Harvin, but not enough for the first down. James Laurinaitis gets up slow.

10:18 Buckeyes get the ball at their 20 after several Gators try to keep the ball out of the endzone; Brandon Siler wraps up ANtonio Pittman after tOSU tries to do a tOSU impression from the days of Woody. Wasn't he just taking out heroes elsewhere? End of the quarter.

Mr Neutron is crying

Courtesy of irishoutsider

9:31 TBDITL is on the field, and it seems appropriate that they be playing 'My Heart Will Go on", the theme from "Titanic".

The Second Quarter

Now I get back from my brief respite in the restroom; I come back and the Gators run an incredible 3 man stack in the backfield - with the result =TD. Forst play of Q2

8:25 gators make first stupid mistake of the game - PF for roughing the passer - it might turn things around.

8:27 2 plays later, the Buckeyes come back and score. 21-14 Gators

8:31 Ted Ginn returns from the locker room, after the Buckeyes score. Florida ball on their own 20

8:34 Jim Heacock, DC for tOSU, sure looks like a clone of Tressel

8:36 Looking at the tOSU defense, especially #50, they are already gassed. Shades of LSU vs Tennessee, September 2005.

8:40 Gators stopped on 3rd down when tOSU goes to zone coverage. Ted GInn gets to touch ta ball again potentially. Buckeyes ball on their 20.

8:45 Brian Robiskie drops the ball. 3rd down

8:50 Gators ball; interesting discussion on Deshawn Wynn coming out of CLeveland. The Zooker reigns supreme still!

8:52 Percy Harvin breaks a good run down to the 20. Leak is starting to have someone make a run on his stock!

8:56 Gators struggle on downs, and have to settle for a field goal after getting to the edge of the red zone. Their field goal kicker nails it. Gators 24, Buckeyes 14

8:58 tOSU ball, 1st and ten on their 20. Charles Davis is asking where the 4 receiver set is; it's probably on the sidelines with Ted Ginn, Jr. A shot of Ted Ginn Sr. indicates he is also a man not to be trifled with.

9:00 tOSU going for it on 4th. They get bitch slapped. Tressel knows not to mess with Charlie Strong.

9:02 Interesting shots of the sidelines - the Gator sideline looks happy; the Buckeye sideline looks scared.

9:06 Gators get stopped on 3rd down. No problem - just send out Hetland. It might as well be in the leather if it is under 40 yards! Gators 27, Buckeyes 14. 1:53 left in the half.

9:08 Buckeyes ball on the 20. Turn loose Jarvis F'n Moss. Gators ball, on the 10. Will we see the Timster?

9:11 Yes we do. Gator ball on the 1; TD to Caldwell. Tebow looks as excited as Magic Johnson after winning his first pro game. The Buckeyes defensive backfield is making excuses to each other, and Troy Smith looks like he is realizing the curse of the Heisman.

9:14 Reggie Lewis ties up with Brian Robiskie - gets a flag and gives tOSU a shot for the Hail Woody! Another mistake by Florida.

9:16 Objectivity requires me to post this: there was just a shot of Gator fans, in their striped overalls and all. Those guys really put the gay in Gator.

End of the half Gators 34 Buckeyes 14.

First quarter rolling around

6:52 PM CST - watching the pregame; seeing the camera switch from Urban Meyer to Jimmy Johnson - freaky.

They make the token "You can't coach speed" comment now.

6:56 Was that cool? The 2 teams trying to psych each other out by stomping on the center of the field?

6:58 Emmitt can still do the chomp!

7:00 Hang on Sloopy? But saved by Jack Nicklaus dotting the "i"

7:15 Nice kudos to the guys who walked on, etc.

7:22 Nice shows of the past, with Woody, Emmitt, even Maurice. But no Visored One.

7:24 The old guy almost gets trampled by the Gators. Nice shot of Reggie F'n Nelson.

7:26 McSweatervest's hair matches his trousers.

7:28 Is Barry Alvarez trying to campaign for an opening? Should Charles Davis really compare football to high school trigonometry?

7:31 Not the Dodge commercial with the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot!

7:34 Um, this does not look good for the Gators. Ted Ginn, Jr. - and Reggie F'n Nelson does not get him.

7:36 Kicker gets a little facemask!

7:38 - Is there some jawing going on?

7:42 - Tied up? Wow. Dallas Baker - etc

7:51 That looked like it hurt!

7:56 Gators moving again!

7:58 With 5:51 left, in the first, the Gators score.

Comments from irishoutsider: somewhere, there is a man with a mustache crying; Ohio State, surprisingly mortal at the moment

8:01 After the review, the replay official concurs - Touchdown Gators.

8:04 Good kickoff return by the Buckeyes.

8:06 The Buckeyes settle down and establish the beginning of a drive. But, Ted Ginn is taken to the locker room. Not a good sight for the Buckeyes.

From Irishoutsider: the buckeyes are struggling on offense. florida is looking fast as ever and troy smith is looking slow

8:11 The Gators get a pick, and start a drive at their own 29. tOSU is not looking good.

8:13 Leak is leading the Gators on a nice drive. They are starting to put the Bucks on the defensive bad. Or the Gators are looking good. Or both. Leak is staying in the pocket so calmly.

8:15 The first telltale stat of the game - first game this year OSU has allowed 2 td's in the 1st quarter.

8:18 The first quarter is over, and the Gators are threatening to open up the score even more. On to Q2

07 January, 2007

Sunday Night News

Jimbo Fisher has screwed the pooch at getting the Free Shoes U job, according to the Newspaper Hack. Jamarcus Russell has supposedly laid down the Purple & Gold, for the Silver and Black; this according to ESPN. Sports Illustrated makes sure that they point out that the Big-Eared Empire has not cited any sources for their story. Is this normal? And last but not least, Bobby Lowder's plane will have to go to Atlanta the next time he wants to go see Bobby Petrino. Bobby is now the coach of the Falcons!

Looking forward to the challenge of returning the favor of live blogging the BCS National Championship Game to Orson & company. Hoping to have a couple of folks along for the ride: we'll see.

02 January, 2007

Will he stay or will he go

My son has taken a liking to music of my vintage, including Squeeze, The Police, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, et al. At this point in time, though my thoughts go to The Clash. Poor Nico and Todd are beside themselves worrying whether or not Nick Saban will stay in Miami, or go to the Capstone. The Morning Advocate reports that Nick will stay.

However, here's to the Capstone.

01 January, 2007

Welcome to 2007

2006 was the best of years, the worst of years. I'll focus on the best:

Blog buddies:
EDSBS: Orson and Stranko host discussions about college football, and all sorts of other interesting topics, such as:
1) Ginger, or Mary Anne?
2) who's scarier, Cancer Man or The Peacock Brothers?
3) Jenn Sterger, or the Bailey Sisters?
4) Howard Roarke, or Hank Rearden?
5) Rich Rodriguez, or Nick Saban

Getting referenced on The Brunch Bird and Playazball and meeting a couple of nice new folks.

Doug, who is pretty snarky.

The year itself, the wife and daughters were back the entire year, after being on tour for a couple. Time well spent with my son. He's gone in a couple of years. Buying heels for my daughter, her first pair. Going to a field day with my youngest daughter, and watching her win the bean bag toss. ALso introducing her to Orbitz Games during March Madness. She really likes Liam the Leprechaun.

More to come.

The College Football Independent: LSU - Hall of Champions

The College Football Independent: LSU - Hall of Champions