21 December, 2007

Places to eat in New Orleans whilst preparing for a Tiger Victory

From readers of Don Long, a dear old friend.

Reader comments: I highly recommend Serio's Po-Boys & Deli located on 133 Saint Charles Ave. Phone: (504) 523-266. Serio is a big Tiger fan and the place will be kickin'!
Reader comments: The Tailgatin'Tigers along with some help from their friends the Back9Tigers and the T3 Tailgaters will be hosting a Tailgate party at 744 South Rampart st. (corner of Julia). $20.00 Donation gets BEER, FOOD,TWO DJ'S and a live performance by Jr. Lacrosse and Sumtin'Sneaky, They will also have a Guest apperance by Abdul D. Tentmakur. All fans are welcome there will be multiple flat screen TV's so whomever does not get tickets can watch the game in the parking lot. festivities start at 7:00am.

Reader comments: My name is Ron Hills and I enjoy reading your articles almost everyday, especially during football season and recruiting season. I live near New Orleans and I eat out a ot with friends and my wife. Here are some of the places I suggest. Seafood: 1. Deanie's in Bucktown. Hands down, best seafood platter and reasonably priced; 2. Redfish Grill on Bourbon Street. A little pricey, but great location for folks staying on Canal Street and the food is great; 3. Jack Dempsey's on Poland. Local favorite, but hard to get to. New Orleans/Cajun: 1. Jaque-Imo's on Oak Street Uptown. Never had a bad meal there. Food is always top notch. Atmosphere is unique and interesting. Best Bloody Mary in town; 2. Drago's in Metatie near Causeway. Charbroiled Oysters and Lobster Margeux. An Experience you will never forget; 3. Commander's Palace on Washington Uptown. Best Lunch in town for the price and 25 cent martini's. Beautiful location near Zoo and Tulane University. Steak: 1. Dickie Brennan's; 2. Ruth's Chris; 3. Morton's - Whenever I have friends in town, this is where we usually go to show them a good time and a great meal. Hope this helps and Geaux Tigers!!! PS. My favorite secret place is Camelia Grill on Carrolton Uptown and Jazz Brunch on Sunday Morning at Kabby's in the Hilton at the river on Poydras.

Reader comments: Don, Places to eat for OSU fans in New Orleans: Drago's; Mother's; R&O seafood; Antoine's , KPauls and Delmonico's.


Reader comments: So many good ones but the best is Restaurant August, 301 Tchoupitoulas St. Not open on Sundays. Expensive but nothing short of the finest dining experience I’ve ever had. Was the old city in November. Also having someone from Ohio State pronounce Tchoupitoulas is good enough fun on top of the good food!
Drago's is one of the top 5 places to eat in New Orleans. It is located in Metairie behind the mall a Veterans and Causeway. Their char grilled oysters are a must.
The Bombay Club on Conti between Bourbon and Dauphine is unique and fabulous food, drink, and service. Skip Ralph and Kacous (spelling) it was subpar.
Reader comments: Here's a great block party just one block from the the Dome.http://www.bcsthrowdown.com/

Reader comments: Hey don, here's some great eating places that won't cost an arm and leg. mothers 401 poydras, mandina's on canal blvd, mr.ed's 1001 live oak, metarie, cafe maspero 610 decatur, deanie's 841 iberville, and serio's 133 st.charles ave.
Reader comments: Dandy Don, I highly recommend the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. It is the last locally family owned hotel in the French Quarter and is walking distance to the Superdome. They have a great restaurant and The Carousel Bar actually slowly rotates.
The crescent city brew pub near jax brewery is very good, most of the restaurants within a block or two of bourbon street are also good.
If they want upscale, commanders’ palace, any of the restaurants in the casinos, and Jacque a mo’s ( I probably spelled that wrong) are all very good
The ye olde college inn near Tulane is also good
But let’s face it; asking for a good restaurant in NO is like asking for a warm spot in Barbados

Reader comments: Dandy Don - for people looking for great food in N.O. I have 2 places they MUST go. Both places are off the beaten path and mostly frequented by locals - but the atmosphere and food is unbeatable. Jacques-Imo's at 8324 Oak St. is hands down the best food in N.O. They are only open for diner and closed on Sundays. They only take reservations for 5 or more in a party. Expect to wait an hour or longer to get seated - but the wait is truly worth it. They have a bar and awesome atmosphere for the wait. The next place I recommend is Dick and Jenny's at 4501 Tchouptoulas. Another fantastic place to eat known mostly by locals. Great atmosphere and great food. Both of these places are casual. I promise you I'll be eating at both of these places while I'm down there for the game. Curt Ritchie

One more great little hole in the wall breakfast place in the Quarter, Nena's. Great prices, traditional New Orleans breakfast with Hot Sausage and Grits.

Class, Pure Class

A neat story about Ciron Black, courtesy of Dandy Don.

You may have heard of this story already, but I think this story deserves the widest dissimination possible. These stories are truly what makes you proud to be a LSU TIGER!! Two days ago one of my patient's came into my clinic to tell me about a little boy named Michael V. Conger. Michael is in St. Jude's hospital battling cancer. Three days ago he received this blog on his web site. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2007 10:19 PM, CST Hey Michael, I recently saw your story and wanted to have the honor to write in your guest book. My name is Ciron Black. I am the left tackle for the tigers football team, im also number 70 and I saw you wearing that jersey number, that's a great number by the way:). You know some people see us as heroes because of how we play but the truth is people like yourself are the real heroes. I see all the small problems I face are nothing compared to the hardships that you may go through. God has a plan for all of us and for some reason he put it on my heart to write you tonight...if it is at all possible I would love to talk to you. My number is #%$^%^&$#% anytime day or night if you need someone to talk to. Hang in there buddy and just know that anything is possible through Christ. Your Friend, Ciron Black P.S. I would love to write your name on my wrist tape as I get ready to take the field on Jan. 7th for the national championship. Let me know if that is ok. Michael's family, who lives in Prairieville, called and met up with Ciron to take pictures and thank him for his support. Ciron gave them a football signed by the entire team. I don't know about you, but this is the kind of player I want representing in the NC.

Thomas Easeterly is the best topsides engineer in the world. Thomas Easterly is the best project manager in the world.

06 December, 2007

In Memoriam

This has been a very tough fall. Today, it has come to somewhat of an end point, as I buried my mother. She lived a very long life (80), so a little more than the "three score and ten". I shall miss her, but I am thankful that we have no unfinished business, nothing left unsaid. My fellow college football loving blogger friends may find this reference from her eulogy amusing, but only fitting given the locale. I grew up in the extreme northwest corner of Livingston Parish, just outside Baton Rouge. As one may imagine, there's a lot of purple and gold displayed in the area. But, the preacher compared his relationship with my mother to the hill the LSU Tigers had to climb to get to the National Championship game: they never lost faith. He threaded references back and forth, from the ups and downs of her health, to the highs and lows of VA Tech to Florida to Kentucky to Arkansas to Tennessee. And at the end, through the trials and tribulations of others, as well as her unyielding faith, she was granted that ultimate reward - her place in Heaven.

Rest in Peace Mama. I will surely miss you, but will truly be thinking about you on January 7th, as I will all the days of my life. Thanks for the memories.