17 February, 2007

Into the theatre mode again

Wow. Here it is the 17th of February, and I seem to be in full blown stage dad mode again. My son is in the chorus of 'Hello Dolly', and my daughters are in 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Previously a couple of weeks ago, I was taking my son to an Improv workshop. Now he wants to go to DePaul. My older daughter wants to go to Northwestern or Baylor for undergraduate, and the go to Tisch for her master's. None of those schools have real football teams. What have I done wrong? Maybe my youngest daughter will want to go to an SEC school, like Ole Miss, where naturally she would be redshirted for the Miss America competition. This week, she wants to be a veterinarian. Hopefully she'll want to become an entrepreneur. Anyone with suggestions on convincing a 7 year old Oxford is the place to be?