27 December, 2006

Fulmer Cup Alert

Be on the watch for potential Fulmer Cup points. Free-wheelin Joe Kines has allowed his eligible players to go to the casinos in Bossier City, where the Oklahoa State players are banned. Do I see Fulmer Cup points in the making?

19 December, 2006

Orgeron shows the love

The Orgebeast shows new love with his latest steal. Now can we learn to say "Jay-Vohn Snee-ay-ud" instead of "Brent Shay-Fuh".

Is anyone safe from Ed? Can he convince other cast-offs that only he can say "Lemsday"? Is Reggie Nelson safe? Or Darren McFadden? Only time will tell.

06 December, 2006

New 'Canes Coach?

Bernie Kosar looks like he wants to coach now, according to ESPN.

In the article, it indicates that he was going to be president of the Browns. Isn't that the same type of job Dan Marino had with the Dolphins?

There could be worse choices. I hear Donna Shalala's old boss is looking for something to do now that his wife will be unavailable for the next 6-10 years for any type of interaction. The party girl supply in Coral Gables (heavy on the oral) would be a great attraction.

"Hillary and I have always been 'Cane fans. Why, I always considered Miami as the second choice for my library. "

03 December, 2006

The Wolverine, or the Gator?

Both Brian, at MGOBlog, and Orson of EDSBS fame, are both stating their cases for Michigan and Florida to go to the championship game. This is because the Boys of Troy (not Boi from Troy, who I have a lot of respect for) tanked in their UCLA game yesterday. It was a case of the UCLA defensive coordinator getting into the head of John David Booty. Or so they say. Anyway, Brian and Orson should go at it like these guys.