05 September, 2007

And life is returning to normal

All is well for now in TigerTown.

And in the land of Southern Papa. There has been much activity this summer, as my son has turned 16. Our project has been chronicled at The Bonnie Situation. This has eaten my time, and much of my disposable income. But, teenagers and wheels.

The college football season starts with a bang, delivered by Appalachian State. It must have been the line from the Adam Sandler remake of 'The Longest Yard' where he says that FLorida State would get a tuneup by scheduling some team like Appalachian State and beat the hell out of them. Lloyd must have paid attention there.

But, Tom Sylvest is back in business. A couple of his toons:

And the Tigers covered the hell out of the spread against the Bulldogs. 6 interceptions will do that to you.
More later