27 July, 2005

Are you ready for some football?

It is that time of year that my obsession with football kicks in - mainly at the high school and college level. Both of my college alma maters have new coaches this year. They both flip-flopped in the demeanor of the new coaches. LSU got Les Miles, who is a wallflower compared to the screaming Nick Saban. And Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss, a screaming maniac, as opposed to the mild-mannered David Cutcliffe.

The following account has been on the web a bit, and I appreciate it. I still remember the guy who played for University of Houston who said of Coach John Jenkins "He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings."

This is an account of Ed Orgeron's first team meeting at Ole Miss, as related by one of the players to another student:(Orgeron was USC's Asst Head Coach and DL Coach)
"Apparently, Coach Orgeron called his first team meeting the other day. I was told that in about a 15 minute period, he cussed and yelled more than most men do in their entire lives."
"He came in to the locker room to his new team and stood there staring at his team. He started to talk in his strong Cajun accent and immediately began yelling at his new team that this 4-7 s**t isn't going to cut it. He talked about how the last game he coached was the national championship and screamed that it was a g*d d**n embarassment to win anything less than 10 games. He went on yelling about how he recruited Leinart and Bush and that that he didn't cometo Ole Miss to have a g*d d**n losing seasons or even to go to this bull s**t Cotton Bowl and get g*d d**n thirteenth place. Thirteenth place is bull s**t and he came here to win."
"He said that his team was going to play defense and hit hard. G*d d****t his team was going to play with g*d d***n passion and they were going to whip some a***s. He then passed a box around the room and said he wanted every g*d d**n earring in the room in the box. He isn't going to have any f*****g p***y girls on his team and wanted every piece of bull s**t earring in that box right now.""With the team stunned faced with about as opposite a person as one could have to Cutcliffe, Coach O started to walk towards the door. He looked back at the team as they passed around the box and said, "I'm going to walk out of here right now, and when I come back in here, I'm going to have my shirt off, and I want everyone of you motherf*****s to have your shirts off too."
"He walked out and everyone, confused, started taking their shirts off. Sure enough, O walked back in, bigger than alot of the guys on the team, without his shirt on. He started yelling and telling the team that they needed to get loud. He said, "When I point to this side of the room, I want you to say 'Ole Miss.' When I point to this side, I want you to say, 'Wild Boys.'" Standing there with no shirt on with every guy in the room shirtless, started pointing to each side of the room. Half the team would yell, "Ole Miss" while the other would yell "Wild Boys." Apparently it got pretty crazy and guys started flipping chairs, yelling, and throwing cooler acrossthe room while chanting Ole Miss... Wild Boys. "
"He then stopped and said, "One more thing. If any of you motherf*****s thinks you can take me, you come up here and get a piece of me right now." He gave everyone an opportunity to come up and fight him and said, "That's what I thought," and walked out of the room."

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