04 August, 2005

Mr. Fixit - the icemaker

For those who have to troubleshoot icemakers: my refrigerator icemaker is on the fritz. Being the do-it-yourselfer (or the wife's version: do-it-yourself-no-matter-what-the cost-or-how-*%^$#*-long-it-takes) I researched how to check it out and see if it could be fixed. I credit the website http://www.waterfiltermart.com/generic121.html with this information.

BASIC WORKING ICE MAKER THEORY: When ice maker reaches 5 degrees, the thermostat closes and the ice maker motor starts turning. Then the heater turns on to loosten the cubes in the mold so they can eject. The ejector bar(I call it the fingers) pushes the ice out of the mold. The heater turns off as the thermostat opens (due to the heat from the heater). Then the water solenoid valve is sent the signal to let water into the ice maker. This completes the batch as the motor stops. If any of these steps do not happen, you need to replace the ice maker.ICE MAKER IS NOT MAKING ICE! A. Check to see if the water is turned on.B. Check Water Filter (if equipped), to see if water flows thru the filter. If not, replace the Water Filter.C. Check to see if inlet tube (in freezer) is plugged with ice. If so, un-block the tube and Replace the Water Valve.D. If inlet tube is clear and no water, see our link-Water Valve troubleShooting.E. Check temp. of the freezer to see if it 5 degrees or colder. If not, set the temp. colder.F. Does Ice Maker Cycle(rotate)? If not, replace Ice Maker.

Here are a couple of tests:

HOW TO TEST A MODULAR ICE MAKER!! You Will Need a Jumper Wire. With the ice maker still installed, take off the front cover. Then take a 5" jumper wire (spliced approx. 1/2" at each end). Put one end in the upper middle test hole marked 'N' and the other end in the right upper test hole marked 'M'. (you are jumping neutral to the motor). The ice maker should start its cycle. Pull out jumper wire after approx. 10 seconds. The ice maker should complete its cycle by filling with water at the end of cycle.

How To Start A GE, Frigidaire, Gemline or U-Line Mechanical Ice Maker Take off the front cover of the icemaker. You will see the Big Gear which is held on by a Phillips Screw. Take a Phillips Screwdriver and hold constant pressure while turing the screw ClockWise for approx. 1/8 th. of a turn. The Ice Maker should start turning on its own. If not, turn the screw a little more. The ice maker should complete its cycle by filling with water at the end of cycle.

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