29 October, 2006

What would you do?

Lately, as my daughter is blossoming before my eyes into a young lady that boys are talking to, I am reminded of a short story I read many years ago, "The Lady or the Tiger". In the story, it harkened back to ancient Rome, and its' form of justice, where a man's guilt or innocence was decided by opening one of two doors. Behind one of the doors was a beautiful lady, whereby he was found innocent, and lived a life of ease and happiness. Behind the other door was a tiger - sentence pronounced, execution carried out immediately.

What does this make me think of related to my daughter? Well, my carpooler & I have mused over his daughter applying for a job at Hooters. Now, this is a moment: your daughter tells you she's got a job.

Then she tells you it is at Hooters.

Now what goes through your mind? Either a) I've got a daughter that's hot enough to work at Hooters, or b) My hot daughter is working at Hooters, and Al Bundy types are going to be ogling her?

I have not ventured to think what my response is. I wonder what the father of Jenn Sterger is going through right now. Poor man.


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jhwmonk@gmail.com said...

Thank you for posting this...I have the same problem...I grew up in Tuscaloosa and now live in Austin and my daughter came home yesterday discussing an interview with her younger brother and I found out it was at Hooters. Now, I've been to Hooters when I was younger, but haven't been in years. But I'd be interested to know how it turns out for you...maybe a Hooter's Daughter Support Group is in order...we could meet on Saturdays during football season j/k.