09 November, 2007

You too, can be a drum major for LSU!

For a measly $1 million, you can lead the Golden band from Tiger Land in the infamous pregame march. LSU administrators today announced a program to sell marching rights to one of the most beloved traditions in Tiger mythology in order to rais emoney for a new band hall. THey need the money to not lose a matching funds grant by August of next year.

What's next, Buckeyes selling the right to dot the "I"?

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Dublin Saab said...

Never. You have to be on the verge of canonization like Jack Nicklaus last year if you want to "Dot the i" unless you are a Sousaphone major.

Further... a few years ago Time Warner bought the naming rights to the OSU/Michigan game... the screaming was so loud that the Big10 was forced to shoo their cooperate lap dogs away. They had to give the money back... ha! We might very well lose to LSU (especially since they'll be healthy and it's a home game for them) but we won't have a "Dr. Pepper Big10 Championship Game" for a long while... maybe.