19 August, 2008

Back on the blog page again

Wow. A lot has gone on since the last blog post. For those of you who don't know me, I am currently in Baghdad, working for a US Government entity, helping the Iraqis rebuild. Life in Baghdad is interesting, to say the least. Life has changed even more. In December, I lost my mother. In May, my father left us to take care of her. My daughter had her first real date. My son is looking at colleges. Sadly, he doesn't factor in the BCS rankings in his selection criteria. I have failed him. I mean, party school rankings and hotness of females on campus have not entered his realm! He doesn't even have one SEC school on his selection list! Or at least he didn't until I forced him to add LSU. Cash supply still speaks to children.

But, the best time of the year is upon us! That is, college football season. There will be some blog posts about Baghdad, my kids' activities, but I open with the top 5 things that make me sad about LSU football this year:

1. Why didn't anyone think to assign a handler for Ryan Perriloux? He's a teenager! He will do stupid stuff! I mean, you think back to the great line from "On The Waterfront": I coulda been a contender
2. Glenn Dorsey is not the heart and soul of the defense this year. LSU seems to have someone on one side of the ball or the other every couple of years that not only has the goods to deliver, but also raises the level of play and intensity of those around him. Think Chad Lavalais, Rohan Davey, et al. Tyson Jackson may be able to step up; let's hope so.
3. There is not a big name defensive coordinator looking to make a name for himself as a head coach; a la Bo Pelini, Will Muschamp, Lou Tepper (sorry, it hurts. His reputation coming in was awesome).
4. The relative strength of the rest of the SEC this year. Sly has had several years to build a program, grounded on integrity. Tubberville is still there. And then, there is this interloper at Alabama.
5. We don't have Ed Orgeron to kick around anymore. Rabid Weasel Nutt is not a suitable replacement. I mean, will he call out his own players to try and whip his ass in the first team meeting?

So, with the situation as it is, I will have to read the Morning Advocate, Dandy Don, LSUBeat, and other blogs such as EDSBS to get my SEC fill. But, I have hours to kill at night, while y'all are in the middle of your day!

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