30 April, 2007

Jamarcus at the top of the heap, but why the sadness for Brady?

Jamarcus Russell, the emt-like lovable kid from Birmingham, who was reared by his grandmother *, kept off the streets, and chose an honorable way up and out, was chosen as the #1 pick by the Raiders. Al Davis loves winners. JR, we're proud of you, and proud for you. You're an instant multi-zillionaire with access to the attention of all the girls you desire, whether or not they are related to Fats Domino. But, as I am sure you will, remember your grandmother. Make sure she's the envy of Terry Saban, in the new house you will have constructed for her, one which I am sure will blot out the sun from the rest of Alabama. Don't worry about those guys who do the Extreme Makeover show, get real men like Norm (Abrams), Tom Silva, David Marks, Steve Thomas, and the rest of those guys who do the great shows on HGTV & PBS - ones who really know how to get their hands dirty, but keep their shops clean.

But why, oh why, are we still whining about Brady Quinn? The little twerp who got rolled in the Superdome even makes the Drudge Report for being left way down.

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