06 December, 2007

In Memoriam

This has been a very tough fall. Today, it has come to somewhat of an end point, as I buried my mother. She lived a very long life (80), so a little more than the "three score and ten". I shall miss her, but I am thankful that we have no unfinished business, nothing left unsaid. My fellow college football loving blogger friends may find this reference from her eulogy amusing, but only fitting given the locale. I grew up in the extreme northwest corner of Livingston Parish, just outside Baton Rouge. As one may imagine, there's a lot of purple and gold displayed in the area. But, the preacher compared his relationship with my mother to the hill the LSU Tigers had to climb to get to the National Championship game: they never lost faith. He threaded references back and forth, from the ups and downs of her health, to the highs and lows of VA Tech to Florida to Kentucky to Arkansas to Tennessee. And at the end, through the trials and tribulations of others, as well as her unyielding faith, she was granted that ultimate reward - her place in Heaven.

Rest in Peace Mama. I will surely miss you, but will truly be thinking about you on January 7th, as I will all the days of my life. Thanks for the memories.

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