08 January, 2007

The Fourth Quarter

Gators 34 Buckeyes 14

20 points needed to force overtime, 21 to take it all.

10:23 Jarvis F'n Moss drills Troy Smith. Did his eyes light up?

10:27 Leak breaks a nice run just after they tell about 3 systems in 4 years. Announcers indicate that Leak will be the best known Florida QB, as he'll get the love now.

10:30 And Tebow runs his patented QB draw or a big gain, making him the leading rusher for the game.

10:32 A shot of a kid who looks like his dog just got killed. When in fact, it's his Buckeyes getting killed.

10:36 Brandon Siler on how he wants to be showered in confetti like Vince Young. Now Tebow scores - but a flag! No problem. Florida 41 OSU 14. Kind of like, oh, the Sugar Bowl!

10:40 With those clips, does Jarvis Moss get the MVP award? 84 yards for tOSU versus over 400 average for the season!

10:45 Thom Brenneman invokes the combo basketball-football national champions, and tells of Urban's neighbor Billy Donovan. Smith gets taken down again - and the Gator Defense is jumping around on fresh legs. tOSU needs to mail it in now.

10:48 Emmit Smith shown doing the chomp. Charlie asks if the Gators are winning everything, including Dancing with the Stars! Problems may abound since it is not a Fox show.

10:50 Brandon Siler showing off the Unity Chain for the defense, after Deshawn Wynn continues to eat the clock away.

10:55 It's done for. Time to have Leak do the curtain call. Especially after Meyer gets doused with the Gatorade.

10:57 Last Snap: Leak throws the ball into the stands; embraces Troy Smith. Now the confetti falls.

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