08 January, 2007

The beginning of Q3

9:41 Halftime is not over, and Orson must be absolutely sick. The Pontiac Game changing performance of the year was the AUburn- Florida game where the punt was blocked, and the Gators lost.

9:44 Gators sluggish; OSU looks fired up. Marcus Freeman makes a heart stopping stop on 3rd down for tOSU.

9:46 What the hell was that kind of kick? This isn't the All-Blacks playing?

9:48 Earl Everett tees off on Smith when they finally go into the 4 wide set. No helmet = badass.

10:02 Just explained the reasons we cheer for SEC teams to my older daughter. Had to bribe her with Bobbi Brown purchase. Barry Alvarez explaining why Florida defense is looking good, and OSU looking bad.

10:04 Brian Smith breaks up a pass, and makes Troy Smith nervous. Thom Brenneman is calling the death knell for the Buckeyes if they don't score soon.

10:08 Gators first & 10; Deshawn Wynn breaks it out over a Buckeye.

10:12 Gators have 3rd and 7. Announcers make pitch for potential Gator recruits, telling everyone what a playmaker Percy Harvin is, and he's only a freshman. If that's not throwing the gauntlet down, I'm not sure what is.

10:16 Leak to Percy Harvin, but not enough for the first down. James Laurinaitis gets up slow.

10:18 Buckeyes get the ball at their 20 after several Gators try to keep the ball out of the endzone; Brandon Siler wraps up ANtonio Pittman after tOSU tries to do a tOSU impression from the days of Woody. Wasn't he just taking out heroes elsewhere? End of the quarter.

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