01 January, 2007

Welcome to 2007

2006 was the best of years, the worst of years. I'll focus on the best:

Blog buddies:
EDSBS: Orson and Stranko host discussions about college football, and all sorts of other interesting topics, such as:
1) Ginger, or Mary Anne?
2) who's scarier, Cancer Man or The Peacock Brothers?
3) Jenn Sterger, or the Bailey Sisters?
4) Howard Roarke, or Hank Rearden?
5) Rich Rodriguez, or Nick Saban

Getting referenced on The Brunch Bird and Playazball and meeting a couple of nice new folks.

Doug, who is pretty snarky.

The year itself, the wife and daughters were back the entire year, after being on tour for a couple. Time well spent with my son. He's gone in a couple of years. Buying heels for my daughter, her first pair. Going to a field day with my youngest daughter, and watching her win the bean bag toss. ALso introducing her to Orbitz Games during March Madness. She really likes Liam the Leprechaun.

More to come.

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