08 January, 2007

First quarter rolling around

6:52 PM CST - watching the pregame; seeing the camera switch from Urban Meyer to Jimmy Johnson - freaky.

They make the token "You can't coach speed" comment now.

6:56 Was that cool? The 2 teams trying to psych each other out by stomping on the center of the field?

6:58 Emmitt can still do the chomp!

7:00 Hang on Sloopy? But saved by Jack Nicklaus dotting the "i"

7:15 Nice kudos to the guys who walked on, etc.

7:22 Nice shows of the past, with Woody, Emmitt, even Maurice. But no Visored One.

7:24 The old guy almost gets trampled by the Gators. Nice shot of Reggie F'n Nelson.

7:26 McSweatervest's hair matches his trousers.

7:28 Is Barry Alvarez trying to campaign for an opening? Should Charles Davis really compare football to high school trigonometry?

7:31 Not the Dodge commercial with the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot!

7:34 Um, this does not look good for the Gators. Ted Ginn, Jr. - and Reggie F'n Nelson does not get him.

7:36 Kicker gets a little facemask!

7:38 - Is there some jawing going on?

7:42 - Tied up? Wow. Dallas Baker - etc

7:51 That looked like it hurt!

7:56 Gators moving again!

7:58 With 5:51 left, in the first, the Gators score.

Comments from irishoutsider: somewhere, there is a man with a mustache crying; Ohio State, surprisingly mortal at the moment

8:01 After the review, the replay official concurs - Touchdown Gators.

8:04 Good kickoff return by the Buckeyes.

8:06 The Buckeyes settle down and establish the beginning of a drive. But, Ted Ginn is taken to the locker room. Not a good sight for the Buckeyes.

From Irishoutsider: the buckeyes are struggling on offense. florida is looking fast as ever and troy smith is looking slow

8:11 The Gators get a pick, and start a drive at their own 29. tOSU is not looking good.

8:13 Leak is leading the Gators on a nice drive. They are starting to put the Bucks on the defensive bad. Or the Gators are looking good. Or both. Leak is staying in the pocket so calmly.

8:15 The first telltale stat of the game - first game this year OSU has allowed 2 td's in the 1st quarter.

8:18 The first quarter is over, and the Gators are threatening to open up the score even more. On to Q2

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